Conscious Beginnings for Connected Journeys

Antenatal Classes and beyond; to Enrich Your Birth and Parenting Experience

Embrace birth confidently and thrive as a Parent with these comprehensive and unique programmes. From early pregnancy to toddlerhood, the blend of evidence-based and holistic support, builds your confidence, and peace of mind throughout your entire journey.

Antenatal Classes; With You on Your Journey


With new friends
With your partner
With your baby


Cut through the
confusion and get
clear on your choices


Birth experience
Parenting experience
For mind, body and soul


Building knowledge
around your individual
needs and goals


Learn techniques
to navigate your path
wherever it leads

AntenetalClasses mum and dad with tattos cradling bump on bed
Antenatal Classes Mum and dad holding newborn baby between them
Antenatal class community group linked arms walking through a field

Antenatal classes Your Way

Demand more … Individual education and support, for your individual needs. 

Your birth and parenting experience will be as unique as you are, so why opt for a cookie-cutter class that may not meet your needs and leave you unprepared?

These classes bring together evidence, holistic care and importantly; the politics of birth. By carefully examining traditional class content, we can ensure that content delivered during these programs are considered, justified, and tailored to your needs, not just “because”.  

First baby or seventh baby, co-parenting or single parent, homebirth or epidural – everyone is welcome and supported with BirthWorld.

Even if you are not quite sure what you want, using evidence we can guide you through your options without bias and help you explore what is right for you. 

Your birth, Your baby, Your journey 

" Birth is not a singular event, but a journey. It starts at conception and stays with you throughout life, to transform and define you in ways you could never imagine . . . "

1001 days of birthworld carE - we've got your back

Antenatal Classes and Beyond for Life's Biggest Journey

Antenatal classes LGBTQ+ friendly. A pregnant woman having her tummy kissed by another woman

Antenatal Classes

Evidenced-& Holistic based antenatal classes to explore your individual choices for birth and build your confidence.  Covering topics you’d expect and perhaps some you didn’t! 


Looking for a calm, comfortable, confident birth, where you work with your partner? With a settled baby and smoother breastfeeding journey? This is for you! Suitable for all births, all parents, all babies. 

Postnatal Plus

Life after birth starts here.  Focusing on you and your partner’s needs in the first 12 months. Examine ways to enhance your sleep, energy levels, connection, emotional well-being, and more. This is all about you.

Parent Craft

Learn all about all your baby. Go much deeper than nappy changing and feeding. Spemd 8 hours exploring their development, how they communicate, how to settle them and a lot more. The instruction manual you’ve been waiting for! 

pregnancy retreat. Expectant mum and dad sitting on a brick bridge in a wood.


Combine BirthWorld classes with essential self-care at a 3 day retreat. A time of learning, relaxation, connection, and reflection.  Choose from either a Pregnancy or Postnatal retreat with a range of experts on hand.

Baby Classes

Baby massage, yoga and even forest play, you can grow the connection with your new bundle while nurturing their development and mental health with our specialised range of baby classes!

"Hubby was sceptical about hypnobirthing until we did our class with Lizzie, it was brilliant, but also worked better than we expected! I was 8cm dilated (had no idea … Just breathing through) and hospital were planning to send me home as I was so calm until a doctor checked me out and discovered I was very close to having our baby!"

Reimagine - Reinvent - Revolutionise
Enlighten - Explore - Express

BirthWorld has revolutionised the way that antenatal classes and beyond are delivered. Focusing on continuity of support, BirthWorld experts will be by your side from early pregnancy, through birth and into toddlerhood.

This is not just another "antenatal class"

Instead individualised learning offers in-depth support and guidance to address your personal needs, allowing you to explore your journey at a pace and in the way that suits you.

Our person classes and online learning have been designed to be complimentary to each other. This is not an "afterthought" or "add on" with no real consideration to your needs, but a well developed way to enhance your journey. Dipping in and out, recapping, exploring - or not. You are in control.
Not just ANTENATAL Classes

BirthWorld Services to Support Your Journey

Birth Doula Support
A Doula amplifies your voice and choices, to support you and your partner to transform your birthing experience.
Antenatal Classes for Breastfeeding. Mother being helped to latch her baby to the breast
Breastfeeding Support
Our breastfeeding-focused antenatal classes, sit alongside the post-birth private and group support.
Gentle Sleep Consultancy
Here for you if you need extra support to settle your baby. Breastfed led, gentle, and absolutely no crying it out.

you are safe with Birthworld ANTENATAL classes

Conscious Beginnings for a Connected Journey

Our Vision

To witness our parents grow in confidence and thrive by providing class and services that provide continuity of care and support, beyond antenatal classes. Support that is developed and routed in evidence for both birth, parenting and adult educational needs, allowing Parents to individually grow in the way that best suits them.

Our Mission

BirthWorld is committed to enhancing the emotional and mental well-being of our Parents', our communities, and their babies, through the provision of evidenced-based antenatal classes and other services covering the 1001 days. Ongoing research provides the foundation to enabling this change for out parents,

Our Values

Coming together as a community, integrating perinatal education into the maternity care system, to stand as and raise up the professionalism of this industry and work together as one team for the good of our parents, their babies and humanities future.

Antenatal class community group linked arms walking through a field

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